Almost Human - The Kiss Tribute Show

As close to KISS as it gets

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Genre: Tribute Bands
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

About Almost Human - The Kiss Tribute Show:

In 1978, in an subversive laboratory, a mad scientist by the name of, Abner Devereaux created four androids that were the exact duplicates of the rock 'n' roll band, KISS. It was believed that these androids were destroyed by KISS themselves but that wasn't the situation. Just like the evil Monsters of legend who always seem to return after being thought dead, so have these creations of Devereaux.
Designed to perfection so that even the most devoted of KISS fans couldn't distinguish the difference. So convincing, It has been said that even the detail of their skin is very lifelike.
They're Almost ALIVE!,
They're Almost KISS!,
They Are,

Available For:
College Bands
Private Parties

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