Genre: 90’s Bands, Fraternity & Sorority Bands, Hip-hop Bands
Location: Columbus, OH
Price Range: $2500-$3500

About The Band

You know how all Mercedes Benzes look related to each other?" he asks. "Well, I don't want my music to be the equivalent of an Impala or a damned Cadillac, where one day it looks like a coupe, the next day it looks like a truck, and tomorrow it may look like a freakin' helicopter or something. I want to give cats the best of the future and, of course, maintain the past. Kind of like Mercedes Benz does with the look of their cars, where you can always see the resemblance. I want people to think of AFROHOLIC ... THE EVEN BETTER TIMES as a great '80s West Coast disc where the guy's not killing everybody. I want them to spend their $17 or whatever and, when all is said and done, just feel happy.

Available For:

College Bands, Fraternity/Sorority Parties, Private Parties


The More U Drink*
Freak With You*
Let's Get High Tonight*
Smoke One
Suck a D*$k Jockey
Whack Rappers
Sell Your Dope*
Drive Better Drunk
Hittin' Switches
Let's All Get Drunk Tonight*
She Won't Let Me*
Tall Cans*
Cali Swangin
I've Been Hustlin'
Caddy Hop*
Just My Paranoia
Compton Isn't Too Far Away
Wonderful Tonight
Bombud (instrumental of a DJ Quick song)*
Crazy Rap*
Because I Got High*